Scanbalt Experience


See more of Sweden with your friends!

Meet students from other Universities and travel to Lapland, St. Petersburg och why not visit Norway?


Take a look at what Scanbalt has to offer and keep an eye

on our channels for when it be time to pack that bag!

Scanbalt Experience is a company that this Union and many other unions around Sweden keep a cooperation with.

We cooperate with Scanbalt because it is a company that sells tours in Sweden and around the Baltic region due to its nisch towards students.


Many exchange-students at Dalarna University choose to see more of Sweden during they stay here by booking a tour with Scanbalt.

Via Facebook we will organize the  tours that are offered to our institution, so in time you will know when its time to pack your bags to go up north to see the northern lights or visit St. Petersburg for a fantastic weekend.


In the meantime, have a look at their website and learn more about the Scanbalt Experience tour coming your way.