Welcome to Dalarna

This is Dalarna (Dalecarlia)

Welcome to Sweden and really the heart of it!


We wont forget about you as an international student, we think that International students are amazing. You guys really bring us the sunlight when its that time of the year up here in Sweden. As an International student here at Dalarna University you are very welcome to join us whether it be for one semester or longer.

We look forward to seeing you up here.


Safe travels!

The student union

Hey there, we are the student union here at Dalarna University.

You might be wondering how we are different from the union at the university that you are coming from, so here you can find out.


Dalarnas studentkår (Student Union of Dalarna) a.k.a. "Kåren" is an organisation that exist for you as a student here at Dalarna University. The union has two main purposes, the first is to make sure your education holds a high quality. Both now and later when you are meeting the world, the University will be kept in high regard.

Secondly we practice social activities such as the introduction, the studentpub, different intresest of studentgroups. There are many different event around the year for you to look forward to.


We aim to make your time here an experience for life. Our slogan is "Take your studentlife seriously". Because we certainly do. We work for you as a student by inserting a student perspective into many of the highest decisionmaking functions within the Univeristy. This might not be something that you as a student will see everyday, instead what you will see are our ambitious volunteers who are working in our bars, boardmembers who are working for each programstudents and students who are working on other projects that we may have going on.


You should know that you are very welcome to engage and indulge yourself with us.

Are you looking for the Swedish experience?

Then a great way to do that is to dive right in and volunteer with us.


Welcome to Sweden, the University of Dalarna and the Student Union of Dalarna.

Social media

Be aware of what is happening both on and off Uni!


Become a member

By joining the Union I can take part of all the awesome stuff going on here both on and off campus.


Check out the rest of Sweden while you are here. Or why not another country like Russia or Norway?